Expect Miracles


Posted: May 3, 2016
By: Dr. Dan Schumacher

Today was another short but exciting day at the office.  One miracle getting a person well enuff to play golf again.  Not only is the pain less, her body is functioning better.  Two little baby's got checked today..Honored and blessed.  You can really tell if your message about how important getting your nervous system checked is when children are coming in.  Not for ear aches, colic, headaches, back pain, neck pain, sleepless nights (altough it has helped in all), but for the simple adjustment to allow the body to perform at its best.  The first Trauma we all indure is the birth process.  Imagine being the watermelon coming through a hole the size of a lemon.  In fact, one of the children had a broken collar bone from the birth process.  Think that would be enuff pressure to create a Subluxation (if you don't know what that is, PLEASE, PLEASE for your sake and the sake of your family, explore my website and find out)?  The subluxation not allowing that that or anyone to be able to function in tip top shape.  I can't guarantee no health problems, as I am not in control what is being put into theirr bodies, what stresses they are bombarded with, or sleeping habits..I can only guarantee they are functioning better LESS or SUBLUXATION FREE.  



Another Newborn saved.

Posted: April 27, 2016
By: Dr. Dan Schumacher

I had another wonderful day, in spite of the rainy weather.  I look forward to loving and serving my community everyday.  My vocation, is loving and serving chiropractic to my community.  I have seen many lives change for the best above just an ache or pain.  Their attitudes change for the best, because they love the energy in the office.  heck, some people come in just to see us smile and me sing.  Today I had two miracles.  First was a month old baby getting checked for the first time because of Colic, digestive issues, sleeping problems, etc...even though the mother had seen the rubbish Fox network put on TV.  The mom had to overcome her fear to bring her child in, but I have such wonderful patients, they consoled her and helped her get in.  Thank God.  her beautifl daughter was Subluxated, and her nervous sytem was less than 100%.  After checking and adjusting the newborn, the mother wanted her other daughter checked, due to my finding the CAUSE of her daughters ear infections.  The next miracle was getting another new patient that needed my help in more than he bargained for.  He came in for pain, and after the consultatoin he got the Big Idea, and after the Myovision test he wondered why no one has ever told him this before.  After a thorough exam, xrays, we got to the CAUSE, made the adjustments needed...and WHAM, already feeling the LOVE.  Damn I love being a Chiropractor. 

Today's miracle

Posted: April 26, 2016
By: Dr. Dan Schumacher

I expect miracles everyday. Today I have been checked by my chiropractor and have needed an adjustment for over 6 weeks. That means my nervous system has been working tip top that long. Then I get home and am asked to check a new born child the mother. Wow. I am honored to be the chosen one to make sure this child is functioning properly. Love my chiropractic lifestyle.